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Furigana would have been way better I am fascinated what makes Japanese different from English. The sentence structure, the many conjugations, the use of Kanji to communicate ideas and words instead of strings of roman letters, statements and structures that do not translate well into English, the use and the scope of formality and humility, the literal meanings of statements.

Understanding the Japanese language is like understanding the Japanese people and their culture. This dictionary is an incredible resource that has been helping me unravel the mysteries, nuances, and structure of this wonderful, diverse, and challenging language.

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Using this dictionary meanings putting in the time and the effort. You must read carefully, and rigorously. Perhaps take a pencil and write as you read. There are definitions for different parts of speech and grammatical terms, sections that focus on important characteristics of basic Japanese, entries for important basic grammatical elements and parts of speech, appendixes for references to conjugations, forming compound words, making numbers, and more.

This dictionary maybe closing in on 30 years but I think this is still a relevant resource. I fell lucky to have this because it has been very vital for understanding what I and reading, saying, and communicating.

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As in person who studies Japanese independently I recommend you start by familiarizing yourself with the grammatical terms. Then, start studying the sections labeled Characteristics of Japanese Grammar. Reference the main grammatical entries and appendixes as they are encountered in your studies and practice writing and reading out-loud the sentences you compose using each entry you study. This item is no longer available at our website, but it may still be available at other online shops within Japan.

Nakajima Tomoko, Matsuta Yoshiko and Takahashi. Naoko N3 Nih.

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Kazuko Karasawa, Kigami Tomoko and Shibuya. Mikiko N4 N5 Nihongo charenji. Kyokai a. Atarashii Nihongo noryoku shiken gaidobukku: gaiyoban to mondai reishu, N1, N2, N3. Tokyo: Bonjinsha. Kyokai b. Nihongo noryoku shiken gaidobukku: gaiyoban to mondai reishu, N4, N5. Kyokai JLPT. N3 Nihon. N4 Nihon. N5 Nihon. Kokusai Nihongo Fukyu Kyokai. I Japanese for busy people 1: Kana.

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Index of 1H5OXQNT3 aa762

Noriko Okamoto and Kyoko Ishizuka. N3 Nihongo noryoku shiken. N4 N5 Nihongo noryoku shiken supa. N4 N5 Gokaku dek. Kakuko Shoji Program With Instruc Ja. Phrase Book Hugo's Phrase Ja. Phrase Book, Travel Packs Ja. Phrase Structure Gram. Picture Cards: Words Ja. Pronunciation guide for En Ja.

Verbs and Ess. Japanese at a Glance Ja. Eve Ja. Cultur Ja. Roman Ja. Nhngo Nouryou Jitsuryoku Appu! Di Kenkyusha's New Ja. Kodansha Ja. Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dic. D Kodansha's Dic. I Kodansha's Dic.

Kodansha's Furigana J-E Dic. Kodansha's Furigana Ja. Kodansha's Romanized J-E Dic.

Kodansha's Romanized Ja. Langenscheidt Picture Dic.