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Start date: October Study mode: Full-time. Duration: 3 years. Location: Colchester Campus. Based in: Government. This course is now closed to UK and EU students for entry. You choose a wide range of topics including: Forms of democracy Principles and practices of human rights Comparative politics Ethics and public policy Social justice Our Department of Government is one of the most prestigious in Europe, with an outstanding record of teaching, research and publication.

Diamonds, Human Rights and the Politics of Change in Zimbabwe (2 of 4)

Why we're great. We are 5th nationally for overall student satisfaction in politics NSS You have access to some of the best minds in politics and the biggest names in the field. Study abroad Your education extends beyond the university campus. Placement year Alternatively, by choosing a placement year you can gain relevant work experience within an external business, giving you a competitive edge in the graduate job market and providing you with key contacts within the industry.

Our expert staff Some of the biggest names in the field work at Essex, giving you unparalleled access to some of the best minds in politics. Year 1 Year 2 Final Year. Career Portfolio Develop the employability, citizenship, and life skills to successfully compete in the graduate job market after graduation. Foundations of Human Rights What are human rights? Introduction to International Relations optional How do we forge, manage, and maintain better relationships between nations? Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture optional Certain ideas shape the way we see ourselves and the world around us—ideas like democracy, free speech, individualism, free markets, and humans rights.

Truth, Justice, and the Nature of Politics optional Which principles should guide political societies? Human Rights Organisations: International and Regional Institutions While a lot of the emphasis in the study of human rights is placed on the normative dimensions of specific rights, in human rights practice, an understanding of the institutional machinery that provides for complaints procedures including formal courts , monitoring of state obligations and the review of periodic reports is imperative.

Scientific Reasoning for the Social Sciences What constitutes a good piece of research? Comparative Political Analysis Are countries with high levels of trade less likely to go to war? Principles of Social Justice How should a society distribute resources and opportunities between individuals and groups? Ethics and Public Policy Is torture ever morally justified?

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Politics of the Middle East Contemporary interaction between the Middle East and the West highlights the importance of understanding the history and political thought surrounding this interaction. Selected Issues in Human Rights How important are human rights today? Political Economy optional Explore how economic and political incentives interact to create and prevent opportunities that shape behaviour. Four months have now passed since Agenda was agreed, but the crucial matter of designating indicators to measure progress remains in the balance. There is one critical area where the SDGs fall dangerously short — accountability.

Statement: CESR responds to Agenda , the new sustainable development goals for the next 15 years adopted by member states at the United Nations. Skip to main content. Search form.

Human rights and development

Read Our Story. This is important, as the Agenda will determine development priorities at the national, regional and global levels from here to Nevertheless, persistent pressure and new policies are necessary to shift the trajectory of global development onto a just, sustainable and human rights-realizing path. In particular, CESR has been advocating for human rights-informed implementation and monitoring of the commitments to tackle inequalities, including economic inequality and gender inequality particularly Goal 10 and Goal 5.

To do this, States will need to take a new approach to economic and social policies, one that is rights-based and redistributive.

Thomas Banchoff and Robert Wuthnow

Furthermore, UN Women is implementing a joint programme in Central African Republic, Chad, Guinea, Haiti, Mali, Niger and Togo highlighting links between violence against women and maternal health, promoting funding and training midwives and health workers. To date 2. Multidrug-resistant TB is a major global challenge and the rate of people accessing treatment is slow. In , reports appeared that malaria parasites in Cambodia and Thailand were resisting artemisinin, the most effective single drug to treat malaria.

The countries launched a joint monitoring, prevention and treatment project in seven provinces along their shared border, with support from WHO. In Thailand more than volunteer village malaria health workers were trained to provide free services to test for malaria and directly observe the treatment of patients. Use of a smart phone to capture data on patients and to monitor treatment has accelerated progress. An electronic malaria information system e-MIS uploaded on the health workers' mobile devices shows malaria volunteers where to find patients, the status of their treatment, the situation and trends.

The seventh MDG is to ensure environmental sustainability.

Human Rights Education and the Politics of Knowledge: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge

A human rights approach to sustainable development emphasizes improving accountability systems, access to information on environmental issues, and the obligations of developed States to assist more vulnerable States, especially those affected by climate change. There are four targets in this goal 1 To integrate principles of sustainable development into country policies and reverse the loss of environmental resources comparable to a Right to environmental health ; 2 to reduce biodiversity loss by achieving a significant reduction in the rate of loss; 3 to halve by , the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation comparable to the Right to water and sanitation and 4 to achieve, by , a significant improvement in the lives of at least million slum dwellers, [58] comparable to the Right to adequate housing.

Of note a staggering 2. Open defecation is a practice that poses serious health and environmental risks and stopping it is a key factor in the progress of sanitation goals. In , UN Member States adopted the Sanitation for All resolution [59] calling for increased efforts to improve access to proper sanitation. The number of slum dwellers however continues to grow, due to the fast pace of urbanization. The number of urban residents living in slum conditions was estimated at million in , compared to million in and million in Species are moving towards extinction at an ever-faster pace, and reduced biodiversity has serious consequences for the ecosystem services upon which all people depend.

Deforestation threatens global sustainability and the progress towards hunger and poverty reduction as forests provide food, water, wood, fuel and other services used by millions of the world's poorest. Brazil's northeast the most densely populated semi-arid region in the world has limited rainfall and cyclic drought forcing many of the 22 million residents to resort in illegal charcoal production , stripping the region of forests.

A project by the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD [61] to promote agro-ecology is showing farmers how to make a living from the land while conserving the environment. Nearly one-third of marine fish stocks have been overexploited and the world's fisheries can no longer produce maximum sustainable yields due to continuing expansion of the fishing industry in many countries. The reserves prevent desertification, testing sustainable economies and integrating local communities. Defined as 'freedom from hunger', the right to food may be seen as a right to 'nutrition'.

Nutrition is achieved not through food alone but with clean water, health-care, hygiene, and other inputs.