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You Can't Eat GNP

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If we understand that all our wealth ultimately emanates from the natural world—the soil, the air, the water, the forests and the oceans, then it becomes apparent that our current system of economics is not serving the environment very well. This view of how the world works seems to suggest that if the crops fail, the people could eat the 97 percent of the GNP that remains. He states that the problem with moral arguments is that you either accept them or reject them.

Although it is apparent that he has bought in to the concept of saving the environment as a moral argument, the author also proposes that we begin to make our decisions on rational criteria that are based on the true value of the environment. However, I wish he would have gone one step further and talked about the need for and application of measurement techniques for the entire ecological debate.

The need persists for the formulation of metrics, a set of standard measurements that are understood by everyone so that the natural world comes to be properly valued.

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We generally discount the future value of nature so that it is never worth more than at the present moment. When the author goes in search of sustainability he discusses the differences between the cowboy economy and the spaceship economy. The cowboy economy describes our country when there were very few people and a lot of open space. It did not matter how many resources were used or how much trash was created because the ecological space was much larger than the economic activities and it could absorb any localized detrimental effects.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the spaceship economy understands that economic activity has a critical impact on our natural limited biological life support system. The issues of sustainability and equality have become inextricably linked.

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